Compostable pouches and biodegradable packaging solutions have increasingly been in demand worldwide. That is why we sell our Compostable Pouches to use only certified compostable materials and accessories, making them the perfect solution for home and industrial composting!


Our marketing research in the past has highlighted issues in compostable packaging, including low barrier protection, poor heat sealability and weak material causing the packaging to break and crease easily. We have been testing and optimize raw material worldwide to develop compostable and recyclable flexible packaging that can combat these issues- providing an eco-friendly solution without compromising the quality of the products.


All our material and accessories including the zips and valves, are certified home or industrial compostable. It means you do not need to remove zips and valves to compost.



We provide home compostable pouches, industry compostable pouches and fully recyclable pouches! Enquire with us today to find the perfect solution for your business.



Home Compostable Pouches

Our Home Compostable Pouches are made from materials sourced sustainably from wood pulp or bioplastic. All materials have been certified as home compost by a number of testing organizations.


Our pouches can be custom-made in a variety of sizes, printing and styles. They are perfect for a range of industries and products, such as dry goods, confectionery, coffee, tea, produce and organic foods! The compostable barrier layer in our compostable packaging also provides optimal protection against the aroma loss of your goods! Please be advised these pouches are not yet suitable for liquid and wet products at the moment.



Benefits and certifications

Our paper for the outside layer of our packaging is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Paper and so it is responsibly sourced from environmentally managed forests.

When composted, the paper also enhances soil quality.

The multi-layered material inside the pouch also acts as a safeguard to preserve the aroma of your products against moisture and oxygen and prevents UV damage.

The inside film layer provides excellent heat sealability and is in line with Industrial Compostable Standards such as the Australian Standard AS4736-2006, The International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 17088, ASTM International ATSM D6400, and the European Standard EN13432.

These standards were all approved by the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA), Din Certco and the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

The packaging material has also been certified for home composting by OK Compost Homeby TUV Austria and aligns with the Australian Standard AS5810 approved by the ABA.



10,000pcs for standard sizes without printing

20,000pcs for custom sizes and gravure printing



The perfect solution for tea and coffee pouches, organic food bags, confectionery packaging, dry food packaging, etc.



For optimum quality and preservation of your products, we suggest you use the packaging within 10-12 months after purchase.

The inside film layer biodegrades within approximately 12 weeks when it is composted. You can, therefore, demonstrate your brands sustainability ethos and social responsibility without compromising the shelf life of your products!


Size & Style

We provide standard pouch sizes from 250g to 1000g as outlined but can also customise sizes and designs according to your vision. We also have options for transparent packaging or windows to showcase delicious food products!

We also offer different styles, such as stand-up pouches and side gusset pouches, flat bottom pouches to help your products stand out.